Jurassic World New Movie

“Jurassic World” In Cinemas This June

The science of paleontology won’t be complete without dinosaurs. Their fossilised bones excite paleontologists to no end. The stuff that we learn about dinosaurs, from their weight and height to the types of food that they eat, from their habitat to their role in the prehistoric ecosystem, from the way they live up to the era where they eventually became extinct, are all thanks to the scientific hard work of these scientists. We learn that some of these dinosaurs were as tall as the buildings we have, while some of them were comparable to the size of a turkey. We learn which dinosaur were herbivores, and we also learn which dinosaur fed on other dinosaurs—or worse, their eggs. In the present, there are extant animals which can be found in certain countries in the world, such as the Aussie marsupials or the Galapagos tortoise. Likewise, some dinosaur species were thought to have inhabited certain areas of the ancient world, such as the Parasaurolophus, which was said to have inhabited on what is now known as North America. The relative of T-rex, the Albertosaurus, was named so because the first fossils were found in Alberta, Canada. We also know that, like the animals we have today, there were also sea-dwellers like the Plesiosaurus or the Elasmosaurus, or those that can fly, such as the pterodactyl. Paleontologic studies also had shown us the existence of avialan (bird-like) dinosaurs like the Aurornis xui. These amazing stuff about dinosaurs continued to excite us just as they did to scientists who first studied about them.

It is no wonder that the fascinating stuff about dinosaurs have, for many years, been the subject of science fiction and adventure films! This 2015, prepare to hold on to the edge of your seat as Hollywood brings back the most adventurous and thrilling dinosaur film of all! After 22 years, Island Nublar is back on screen in this fourth Jurassic film installment, “Jurassic World.” True to the vision of the original owner, John Hammond, Island Nublar is now a tourist destination, thanks to Jurassic World, the coolest dinosaur theme park in the world! You’re sure to meet different species of dinosaurs that could give entertainment like the way we get entertained with the monkeys at the zoo. And oh, what is this news about a new dinosaur called Indominus rex? Is it a friend or a foe? A benevolent dinosaur or a threat? We’re not telling because it might spoil the fun. But here’s what we are telling. Stephen Spielberg’s “Jurassic World” movie will be released on cinemas this June! Mark the date, tell your friends about it, and forget the zoo! “Jurassic Movie” is the most incredible, most exciting, most heart-stopping movie this year that should be on your bucket list.

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Excited? Yes, you should be! Hit the cinema and go watch “Jurassic World” this June. And don’t forget to complete the experience by pre-ordering Jurassic World DVD and Jurassic World Blu Ray right now!