Mother’s Day 2015

That 9-5 job that you love? Check. A high salary with extra benefits? Check. A nice vacation or a weekend trip to an island paradise? Check. All of these are just the perfect package any employee could ever dream of. Nothing could be better. But if you’re given a job that will have you work whole year round until your bones breaks, have you work without salary, days-off, or holidays, or have you work even though you are nursing a headache, will you take it? That sounds terrible, right? However, believe it or not, there is someone who takes that job. In fact, there are people who do that job in addition to holding down a job. If you haven’t guessed yet who that person is, the answer is simple: It’s Mum.

Motherhood is considered by most people as a lifelong vocation rather than a job. For mothers, having no breaks, no salary, and working all year long are just nothing compared to the joy and smiles her family radiates because of her selfless acts. Mum wakes up early to pack our lunch and prepare us for school. Mum budgets the family finances, runs errands, and pays bills. Mum is our personal doctor, nurse, police officer, guardian angel, diary, chef, lawyer, adviser, all rolled into one. With the various roles Mum plays in our lives, should we not show our love and gratitude to her?

Mother’s Day is next weekend, and before that special day comes, why not take the time to plan a really nice present for Mum? For all the hard work Mum does every single day of the year, she deserves a really exquisite surprise. If finding the right gift can induce migraines, give her some really awesome DVDs.

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Show your love and appreciation for Mum by cooking for her, doing chores for her, and giving her a heartfelt gift. Let Mum enjoy luxuries on Mother’s Day like enjoying a lovely meal and lounging comfortably on the couch and watching DVDs. Make her the queen of the day. That would be perfect.