Strictly Ballroom

Strictly Ballroom is one of Australia’s most popular movies of all time. It wasn’t expected to be so popular when it was made in 1992 but Strictly Ballroom DVD is one of the most popular Australian DVDs of all time.

I think we’ve all seen Baz Luhrmann’s Strictly Ballroom movie, but did anyone see the Strictly Ballroom stage musical coming? Seriously, anyone? The Strictly Ballroom musical is in production and will be hitting the Sydney stage next month. Baz has promised it will include all our favourite music from the movie including Love Is In The Air and is adding more Aussie classic music. Who would have thought, a Strictly Ballroom stage musical but when you think about it, even though the idea never dawned on me before the announcement, I can’t help but say ‘Its About Time’.

After the incredible ongoing success of Mamma Mia, based on Abba’s music, there has been a string of other stage shows based on bands like Abba and older movies like Strictly Ballroom. Some good and some, umm, well absolutely terrible.

Will Strictly Ballroom work on the stage? I think it will. I wouldn’t expect it to become a stage classic but I think it will find an audience. It’s only going to find an audience in Australia so I expect the budget to be limited so don’t expect to go and see an extravaganza like a Lion King or Les Miserables but if you like Australian productions I’m sure you’ll love this show and let’s face it, we should all go our and support good Aussie shows like this. If we don’t go and see it, we shouldn’t complain that all our stage shows are imported. Looking forward to seeing it and looking forward to seeing what you all thought when you see it next month.


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