The Bible Mini Series DVD

The Bible DVD has been the most epic story to hit our screens since Ben Hur.  This massive Bible mini-series was never supposed to be that popular but has been a surprise hit in the US and now Australia.  Given that it is a Mark Burnett project it was never going to be anything but a success.  Mark Burnett has brought us reality TV gold, such as Survivor, The Apprentice and The Voice, however The Bible is the first time he has ever produced a scripted show.  The Bible is jointly produced with Mark Burnett’s wife Roma Downey, the star of classic TV drama show, Touched By An Angel.  She also stars in The Bible mini-series as Mother Mary.  I wonder if she gets paid twice…

Given that in today’s modern fast paced technological world, religion and its values seem to be on the decline, The Bible has proven that for millions of viewers around the world that the stories from the Bible still have great resonance.  Whether for people of faith, or for those that just love a well written and produced TV with fantastic CGI effects, The Bible seems to have hit a chord with a range of demographics.  There are probably a large number of viewers that may have been a little surprised that they were fascinated by such an old story, given that they would probably not have read the Book itself cover to cover.  But as that was the motivation of Mark Burnett to create The Bible mini-series then he has achieved that end.

Now that The Bible is new to DVD and Blu Ray it gives many an opportunity to watch this 10 hour mini-series for the first time, or again.  Given that watching it on TV required a commitment to stay awake until after 11pm on a school night, I am assuming that there are a fair percentage of people that will need to get the DVD to allow them to watch it at a more civilised time of day.

The Bible mini series DVD will no doubt go down as one of the most classic and enduring mini-series of all time and will continue to be popular for many years.  The story itself is over 2000 years old and is still as popular as ever.  But as we demand our TV programmes to be more sophisticated to keep up with our high definition (probably smarter than I am) TV sets to have a big budget, well produced and high quality drama series is fantastic.

There are rumours as well that The Bible mini series will be developed, by Mark Burnett, into a three hour theatrical release and there may even be a sequel to the mini-series (what comes after The Bible?). But while we wait for Burnett to make up his mind on that do yourself a favour and enjoy this epic mini series on DVD or Blu Ray.

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